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Smart Buildings - The Internet Of Things

The Internet Of Things (IOT)

Smart Buildings are investing in the services that will allow you to control your portfolio of commercial buildings through to your home within the same portal.

Smart IOT

Global Coverage

Cloud Management

So what is the Internet of things?

The IOT is fast becoming a reality but what does all the terminology mean and how will it benefit you? In simplistic terms the concept is that anything that we can communicate with can be connected to the internet and can interoperate with other connected devices.

Smart Buildings are integrating devices that control, monitor and manage all building types into the IOT right now. Analyst firm Gartner state that by 2020 there will be over 26 billion connected devices, that's a lot of connections...... (Some estimate (Cisco) this will be even bigger estimates over 100 billion)

So the IOT is a giant network of connected things (Which also incudes people) Smart Buildings are investing in the services that will allow you to control your portfolio of commercial buildings through to your home within the same portal.

Building the service within the Smart Cloud ensures we empower the individual with the full power cycle to interact with every information stream from a building intelligent system, over any Smart device.

Global Coverage

The IOT provides connectivity seamlessly around the globe. We are using this technology to provide global access for our Blue Chip clients.

Connecting all the Smart building services, energy & end devices to manage the building performance for clients such as Barclays Bank is already realising energy savings beyond expectations as well as Smart resource management.

With the correct information flow any anomalies or out of normal conditions are identified, distributed to the correct operator and resolved first time every time.

When you give people the right information, you empower them to apply the best intelligence. Proactively driving the business of tomorrow.

The revolutionary Software tools developed by Smart Buildings provide the empowerment for your business to realise seamless integration, continuity and visibility through each part of the life cycle. The Smart-VUE Dashboard service is built on a suite of App's that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Each App is a solution that can empower strategic initiative whilst driving tactical execution. The Word-VUE app is typical example of this realisation.

Cloud Management

Smart Buildings use the Cloud services to manage the data transport for each building and this provides enhanced capabilities embedded within the Smart-Vue application based dashboard. The cloud can be energised within the clients data service or managed within any secure data environment.

The Smart Buildings IT team can support all options and development updates are keeping the service way ahead of the competition. Because we use the Cloud service it removes the requirement for the user to host any software platforms on their Smart devices and the service can run within any environment, Licence free and vendor independence ensured.

This simplicity allows a user to communicate directly to multi protocol multi vendor products seamlessly and with the same environment managing each command / response.

Smart Buildings - Smart-VUE

The ultimate interaction tool

A cloud based service that allows you to choose your dynamic dash platform.






Weather Station

Time Schedule

AC / Heating



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Coming Soon

Bill Validation

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Air Handling Unit

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Natural Ventilation

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Leak Detection

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Beer Flow System

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Fan Coil Unit

Smart Cloud

The integration dashboard is managed within the cloud and this interacts with the building portfolio in real time. The system can be set to connect on a timed basis for instance when collecting data for historical log data the connectivity is set as de facto to 15 minute intervals. When a user requests information by loading the required app this is real time streaming data.


The cloud based system is managed with SSL certification to ensure the data is encrypted securely to protect your building portfolio.

Hard passwords are coded into the security administration to ensure no hacking of the data is viable from untrusted sources. User defined connectivity manages the user portal to guide the user only to allowed zone associated with their unique password.

Grouping features

These can be switched on dependant on your access level and these allow Smart grouping of commands and control from a single portal. For instance the user could decide to lower or raise a Setpoint in several buildings and send this command with single press of 1 button to effect the change. Calendar commands can also be carried out in this feature to implement special day activity. See the scheduling app for more detail on the special features plug in.

Good Browser (Bring Your Own Device) BYOD

Working under the Good browser feature allows the users to operate within the Good environment and this will allow personal devices connectivity onto the Smart-VUE platform. This is a secure environment developed for this application.

Secure Data Storage (Smart Secure)

The Smart secure data storage takes the risk out of corrupt security high data storage. Managed in the Smart Secure Cloud the data is ultra secure and is backed up onto increased secure back up servers ensuring the ultimate in data security.

Smart Access (Smart Devices)

Access to the Smart Cloud is via any Smart device the development has been undertaken for use of any standard PC Apple or android device. The operating system automatically tracks the user device and aligns the dash layout to fit the users device.

Smart Analytics

The Smart Analytics tool is the most flexible app in the Smart-VUE tool box. The App is a multifunctional plugin management tool. Within the App is a wide variety of plug ins that provide a feature rich tool set.

Out Of Normal (Plug In)

The out of normal plug in allows you to track normal building activity of a profile drilling down to individual appliance performance. You can set this app up manually or use the Smart Wizard to learn the detail dynamically. The powerful performance monitoring tool allows you to set up a profile and then overlay the report initialising setting up values to trigger alarms and alerts against given parameters.

Group management (Plug in)

The group management plug in allows the user to set up zones regions countries etc to manage the performance data and effect group control commands from a single page structure. The plug in provides real time data of how a building is performing g and allows the user to run comparisons between floors / areas and separate buildings. Using the weather station data allows Smart comparison management from this feature.

League Table (Plug In)

The league table plug in allows you to set up a league based on several aspects so you can run comparisons based on different mediums. You can then display these on any Smart device and also push them to Smart TV,s or public displays.

Smart Sensing (Plug In)

The Smart sensing plug in allows you to build performance historical data to run comparisons against any medium. This ensures the building performance can be closely monitored and changed effectively by utilising the data. The plug in has the ability to ring together data from several buildings regions or countries and also zonal sections within individual buildings.

Smart Utilities (Plug In)

This plug in provides the service to stream data direct from the utilities provider. It automatically normalises the data into a simple service that the dashboard can process. The data can then be integrated automatically from a simple feed from the service provider. This is used regularly with the day plus 1 energy data feeds.

Smart Reports (Plug In)

All of the above can be built to generate automated reports. This service builds the report and stores this in the reports app. This allows the user to define the reports however and as frequently as they want to process these. The app can be configured to auto generate and distribute the data over any supported cloud medium.

Smart Buildings - Integration

Smart Integration.



Alerts & Alarms


Is one of the key drivers for our business. Through this approach we have opened many doors for our clients to realise potential to tap into resources and data on a whole new level.

The app suite allows soft integration of the data points and the various hardware platforms provide the field integration at all levels. Selection of the correct integration hardware and development of the Smart XML Service has created the ability for Smart Buildings to integrate to just about any device.

Served up with the Cloud based Software as A service (SaaS) has created the market leading solution to enable your building onto the Internet of Things (IOT).


EnOcean & Zigbee

With the ever moving world of wireless networks emerging as part of the IOT Smart have embraced the global standards wireless network solutions developed by EnOcean (No Wires No Batteries) energy harvesting self-powered solution & the powered Zigbee (Self Forming - Self Healing) mesh technology wireless network.


We also support the standard WiFi services and can route our services directly onto the universal standard WiFi networks in and around any building or service.


Along with supporting the global wireless standard's we also utilise conventional wired networks, supporting all the standard's from IT services through to BMS and PLC Networks we can integrate all devices into the common Smart-VUE service.

Alerts & Alarms

Taking the notification of out of normal conditions to a new level we can track the performance of your building and serve this up to anyone at any time anywhere in the world.

The powerful analytics app linked into World-VUE can follow the sun for Smart management of the conditions. Not only can we monitor and manage the incoming notification we can track the engineers location, Skill set and availability to resolve the problem first time every time.

Smart Buildings - Wirless

Smart Products

Smart Buildings produce a number of hardware products to enhance the core values of the business. We will develop products specifically for a project, client or niche within the market along with the volume key products to provide a competitive advantage to our clients. We will also develop products to provide marketing leading and innovative solutions for new development applications.





The unique EnOcean technologies harvest energy from their surroundings or by natural & mechanical intervention. Simple self-powering solutions such as solar can generate enough energy to power sensing devices such as temperature, Humidity and CO2 Sensors. If you think about this the technologies have been around for years powering such things as desk top calculators but EnOcean have found enhanced ways to harvest this type of energy and use it for Smart connectivity.

Other forms of power used by the EnOcean technology is motion where a simple movement of a light switch rocker is enough to generate and broadcast the wireless data packet. Thermo where a surface to air temperature differential generates the energy & inductive where energy flowing through a device can be transformed into energy.


Wireless products are manufactured in 3 forms within Smart Buildings, WiFi products provide the ability to integrate directly with the worldwide standard WiFi networks and enhance the ability to add devices seamlessly onto the IOT.

Zigbee products are powered devices that network around buildings and now dwellings (Via the Smart Meter roll out) and these use mesh technology to provide a secure and reliable self-forming self-healing robust network. These types of network are strong solutions where a good power source is available and can also be powered by batteries with long life expectancy.

Coming soon

Smart Buildings - World-VUE

World-VUE empowers the user.

Manage your building portfolio from anywhere. Smart Management automatically from the cloud ensures first time every time management of your billing.


Smart Alarms

Smart Engineers


A unique app with rich features, tracks your buildings performance and manages the field engineers in real time. This is a virtual application and operates in Real Time. The App allows the user to interact with their portfolio and the management screen displays all active alarms on sign in. The buildings are zoned and clustered to provide simple drill down connectivity to each site no matter where in the world the building is located. 3 clicks and you're connected. The side bar provides information for the active alarms and type and the legend details the site type.

Smart Alarms

The Alarms are managed in the cloud in real time. With the ability to automate or manually intervene at anytime in the process. Site Mouse over of the alarm provides a snap shot overview and detail of the active alarm. This then provides the option to display details of drive into the dash for the in depth detail.

  • Click immediate action detail
  • Automated response option
  • Actions Required
  • Option to display further detail

Smart Engineers

With the Smart Engineer database the App recognises the engineers skill set, location & active job time to ensure the correct engineer is assigned. The Engineer management feature provides the detail of the engineer's location. The engineers are graded to ensure the correct skill set is assigned to the problem to ensure first time every time solution is provided. The engineer can be deployed directly from this service or managed under controlled allocation. The side bar key indicates the engineering skill set detail.

Smart Buildings - Smart XML

Integration to the Enterprise

Integration at the enterprise is a service that allows Smart devices to push data directly onto your network infrastructure. Working closely with your IT team we can develop a service that suits your requirements and decreases your costs and increases your security on the platform.

To run the service that will support your portfolio we build a Smart cloud to host the data and this provides the Software as a service application. The cloud we build can reside an where in the world and can be hosted by any data service.

The integration runs from a "N" device through to the enterprise delivering your buildings ready for the Internet of things IOT. Protocol normalisation is a key element in delivering this solution.

Protocol Normalisation

Enterprise Service

Smart Funnel

Protocol Normalisation

The biggest obstacle to overcome has always been integrating closed protocols via gateways or service devices from field device hardware over to the IT infrastructure and getting the new so called open protocol accepted by IT. Where devices have been accepted they incur expensive costs licenses and specialist engineering resource to administer the services. Smart have developed a tool set that communicates with all device types and vendor hardware on a simple XML service. This allows the existing hardware to continue operating as design but inputs a Smart layer between the building services protocols and the IT enterprise.

Detailed is how we build this application around the Smart brain and manage the different protocols into the XML service.

Enterprise Service

This service provides the client with the ultimate in flexibility for gathering, storing, managing & manipulating your data. Clients have the opportunity to place their cloud within their own data service and or utilise the Smart cloud externally managed by Smart Buildings.

This service can be a selection of the above for instance the cloud can reside within your own service and be backed up on the Smart service or the reverse. This builds the resilience most clients are looking for to satisfy the security needs of a data service.

Our Smart IT experts will provide you with the assurance and comfort you need to understand and implement this service on your intranet.

Smart Funnel

This is the conduit where all the protocols are normalised into the simple XML format. Our Smart techs have built and stridently tested each product to ensure the communication is solid in both directions before launching the hardware closed protocols into the open XML service.

The development team are constantly developing new connectivity to hardware regardless of the age providing it has the ability to communicate the language can be integrated and normalised.

With technologies and hardware developments such as the Raspberry PI the strength of integration is growing at lightening speed and the service is rapidly becoming a low cost and plug and play application that will soon be making its way into the domestic market place.