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Think beyond traditional boundaries

Smart Buildings - InnovateInnovation is the driving force behind everything we produce. Opening up new opportunities and exciting solutions with every step we take. The company ethos is to truly innovate in the Smart Buildings arena and we are doing this right now. Our products range from Software through to hardware and with our leading development team working on these ground breaking technologies, we are not only leading the market we are creating the market in this sector.

Holistic approach to combine and harmonise

Smart Buildings - IntegrateIntegration is the key to future success within intelligent buildings. The more you integrate the greater the value. Integration crosses every energy using platform in today's buildings and by harmonising the system into a single building brain the benefits and intelligent approach delivers the ultimate efficient controlled building environment. With a great portfolio of clients already benefitting from this service we continue to enhance the integration of devices within every type of building and application.

Simplify the user experience

Smart Buildings - EmpowerProviding you with the easy management platform to control, monitor and manage your portfolio. Globally through to 'N' device. With Smart Buildings Plug & play approach to building operation we de skill the user interface and provide cloud access via any smart device to your building device or appliance. Building this platform on a App based service allows us to continue to grow the services and connectivity to all devices within a building and allows the user control and management with simplistic interface App's over smart devices.